Oct 1, 2016


Coach’s choice or:

3 rounds not for time of:

  • 5 cossack squats each leg
  • 10 kb swings
  • 15 single unders
  • 20 banded good mornings



With a running clock…..

Buy In: 100 Double Unders – split up the work, however the minimum work is 25 DU.

AMRAP of the following:

  • 5 Partner Deadlifts (315/225) – partners face the same direction, do not cross arms, lift the bar up together
  • 10 Partner Synchro Bar Facing Burpees – partners jump over the bar and must both be on the ground facing the bar at the same time
  • 15 Alternating Box Jumps (24/20) – partner 1 jumps on box, partner 2 rests; partner 2 jumps, partner 1 rests.

At the 20:00 mark, everyone rests for 3 mins.

At 23:00, partners to complete 1 unbroken set of partner wall balls for a max score.  The ball must be in constant motion.

Score is number of rounds/reps and wall balls.