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Stay up to date with schedule changes through Facebook or Instagram. The above schedule is effective January 2020.

We offer:
CrossFit Classes

Looking for intensity and results? Our CrossFit classes combine weightlifting, conditioning, strongman, gymnastics and more for a one of a kind workout. In order to keep everyone safe, we require prior experience before coming to CrossFit classes. Not sure where to start? Contact us and let’s chat!

Olympic Lifting

Want to improve your olympic lifting technique? This is the time!! This class focuses on drills to help improve the snatch, jerk and clean.

Open Gym

Open gym time is coach supervised but not led. This is the time to work on skills to improve.


To give back to the community, this class will be free or by donation – whichever you can afford.

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13 thoughts on “Class Schedule

  1. Is there any chance of a 1:00 pm class for the Lite class?
    Or even a 5 or 6 pm one? For those of us that work being able to come in at lunch time or after work would be fabulous.


    1. Hi Christine,

      There is a possibility of that, we are currently looking at changes and additions to our schedule. We will put this suggestion with our considerations. Thanks for the feedback!


  2. Just wondering if post survey results indicate that the 4/5/6/7 pm classes would be making a comeback? Instead of starting on the half hour? Even just the 4 pm class coming back so I can go to crossfit in between my nights again?


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