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Class size is limited to 14 people. Reservations open 31 days in advance. You must sign up on MindBodyOnline in advance to attend a class. An updated schedule will be posted on MindBodyOnline.

CrossFit Sherwood Park assumes no responsibility for your personal belongings.

We offer:


A strength and conditioning program with the aim of improving cardiovascular/respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance and accuracy. At CrossFit Sherwood Park, you will build strength through our programming. Our amazing coaches will help you progress to become a stronger, fitter, faster and healthier version of yourself.


This class is designed for younger kids (ages 5-9) who may be a little more hesitant about CrossFit, and thrive in environments where they can spend quality time mastering fundamental skills and playing fun fitness games with their friends. This program focuses on developing a love of all things fitness in a fun and group-fitness based environment where participants will do team WODS, and spend more time on the basics and getting comfortable learning new skills.


Our program is for anyone who is looking to start or take a further leap into their fitness journey. Our program focuses on functional movements and workouts through strength, balance, coordination and cardiovascular training relevant to building confidence in daily life, designed specifically for participants over  55 years of age. Proving age is just a number and not a limiting factor.


The emphasis of our 1-on-1 is on skill development and exposure to the wide variety of CrossFit movements, as well as familiarizing you with the concepts and terminology used in CrossFit. You will be coached on technique throughout 2 one-hour sessions to ensure your safety and your success as you progress. The Intro to CrossFit is a prerequisite for our daily classes.

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