September 17, 2015

A) Warm Up:
Inchworm length of gym

High kicks back

10 perfect squats

10 scap pull ups

10 scap push ups

20 second hollow hold

20 sec arch hold

B) Strength

Every 90 seconds for 5 sets:

Option 1 – 3 modified Ring Pull-ups into a Muscle-up + 7 sec support hold on the rings. Use False Grip.
Option 2 – 3 hollow swings (with blocked movement – towel between feet) + Kipping Muscle Up + 7 sec support hold on the rings. 

The key here is working on efficient swing without getting into a broken position. The idea here is to move better. More reps are not better…better reps are better.

C) Technique 

Option 1 – If you haven’t mastered pull ups yet

EMOM for 5min – 10-15 beat swings

Option 2 -If you have pull ups

EMOM for 5 min – 5-10 pull ups. These should be unbroken and work on technique. Better reps…this is about moving well.

D) Met-Con

12 min AMRAP

1 Conan (walk one full time around and then the other way for one rep –

10 Ring push ups (scale by walking the body up) 

20 sit ups

30 sec plank

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