Glenn Sorokan – Coach, Co-Owner

I have been doing CrossFit officially for over 2 years. Unofficially, for over 4 years with a mix of metcons and workouts I stole from Initially, I thought CrossFit was dumb. My wife introduced me and now I am hooked. Call me a CrossFit snob. CrossFit is a huge part of my life.

My athletic background is all-rounded. Mainly playing baseball, hockey and tennis growing up. I love mountain biking and being outdoors. I like to live a healthy, pain free life. I am an L2 trainer and am constantly on the hunt for more knowledge and to help out the athletes in the gym. Knowledge about CrossFit, Oly lifting, running, gymnastics, nutrition and recovery. You have a question – ask – if I do not know, I will kill myself to find out the answer. The key is consistency and you will see results.

I became a coach because I believe in CrossFit; I believe in the people; I believe in the strong community it creates. And because I have knowledge and skills that can help.

My CrossFit goals are to make it back to Regionals. As a team member in 2013, we placed 18th in Canada West and it was a one-of-a-kind experience. My other, longer term goal is to make it to the Games as a Masters Competitor.

I am passionate about CrossFit and I want to help anyone in my realm of influence to become passionate too. Let’s embark on this journey together.

I hope to meet you soon.

Shannon Horricks – Coach, Co-Owner

I began CrossFitting in May 2012. I came to CrossFit from ultra and marathon running, teaching group fitness classes and the typical five-day split strength training program. Growing up, I played basketball, volleyball and competitive fastball. Currently, my husband and I enjoy spending time on the trails mountain biking.

My favorite thing about CrossFit is how it constantly challenges me. When I first began CrossFit my goal was to do an unassisted pull up. I remember my first WOD doing pull ups RX’ed – Helen! My goals keep adapting and changing as I reach my goals. However, I’m not sure I will ever truly “enjoy” wall balls.

Coaching gives me the opportunity to help people do things they never thought they could do, to reach goals and to improve their quality of life. I see each of you as athletes, capable of great things.

Karlee McRae – Coach 

Drew Jackson – Coming Soon

Dan Bakken – Coming Soon

Josh Frederick – Coming Soon

Steve Johnston – Coming Soon

Katy Pedden – Coming Soon

Danielle Barkhouse – Coming Soon

TJ Anderson – Coming Soon

Pearce Hunter – Coming Soon

3 thoughts on “Our Team

  1. Hi
    I’m just wondering if you have some classes for beginners. I’m currently doing 360 program next door to you, I will be finished with the program in 2 weeks. Also I’m interested in getting punch passes but could you also let me know what the membership costs are?
    Thank you
    Rashmi valk


  2. Hey I was just wondering if there is any beginner classes? If so what time would they take place. I was also wondering if there are different classes for different ages?


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