Looking for a fun way to keep your kids active? Awesome Coach Sarah will get your kids moving and having fun! Fit Kids focuses on the fundamentals. We believe in fostering a life-long enjoyment of physical activity. Your kids will explore fundamental movement skills that will increase their confidence and keep them wanting to come back.

Who: Ages 6-10
When: 6 week sessions, Day and time TBD
Cost: $125 for non-members, $75 for members

Next session will begin after summer.  Be safe!



Our FitTeens program is designed for individuals between the ages of 11 and 16 who are looking for a fun way to stay active, to develop confidence and to start to learn how to live a healthy life.

This class introduces teens to safe, effective movements which consist of skill development found in CrossFit – this includes, but not limited to, gymnastics and weight lifting, while incorporating the development of strength and moderate to high intense cardiovascular training and exercises.

Our ultimate goal for this program is to create an environment where teens are comfortable with their bodies, to develop confidence through strength and by learning new skills. Our endeavour is to help these young adults build self confidence and the physical skills to be ready for what life throws at them – not to create the best CrossFit athlete.

By using CrossFit, our teens will be able to excel in the other activities they participate in….. school sports, games, dancing, shenanigans.   We encourage our teens to try new things and have fun, all while developing a life-long love for fitness, movement and healthy living!

When is this offered?  It is a 6 week registered class.  It will run on Saturday mornings at 9:00am and will go between 45 and 60 mins long.

When does it start?  TBD – we are taking the summer off.  Be safe!

Who?  Any teenager and child 10 years old to 16 years old.  **exceptions can be made based on a discussion with the coach

Cost?  CFSP members: $75 (plus gst). Non-members: $125 (plus gst).

Class size?  This will be limited to 8 athletes.