Feb 8, 2018



3 rounds:

  • Run to the end of the gym and back 4x
  • 5 push ups
  • 5 leg swings per leg – front/back & side/side
  • 10 m Bear Crawl
  • Inchworm back

Superset 3x the following:

Rest 2-3 mins per set


3 Rounds:

  • Heats of 2 will race head-to-head to move the odd objects (sandbag/dball/yoke) 

8 dballs/sandbags will be set up at one end of the gym.

A yoke will be set up at the other end of the gym.  The crossbar will be set to be between chest and shoulder height.  

The objective – to race your opponent to get all your odd objects to the yoke and over the crossbar, PLUS carry the yoke back to the start.  

** while resting or waiting for your turns, you will complete the following:

  • 3x for max calories for 1 min on the AAB by using your ARMS ONLY.

(Weights for men: 30ball, 50ball, 60ball, 80bag, 80ball, 100bag, 100bag, 120bag.

Weights for ladies: 30 ball, 40ball, 50ball, 60bag, 70ball, 80ball, 80bag, 90ball, 100ball.)

Record the # of calories for all 3 efforts.  


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