Nov 16, 2017


3 rounds for quality:

  • 3 squats with a 30 second pause at bottom
  • :20 sec side plank – left and right
  • 5 scap push ups



Small sled pulls – lat focus

5 rounds of:

** use a weight so that you can do both lengths of rope pulls without bringing your chest up and WITHOUT stopping.  Use arms only.  Rest 2 mins between rounds.


c) WOD:

Max rounds / reps in 3 minutes of the following:

  • Dball/sandbag – clean and press/jerk x 3 reps (chose a weight that gives you a challenge – pressing the ball up over your head with your arms only mean that you must go heavier)
  • Hand release push ups x 6
  • Air squats x 9

Rest 1 minute and repeat 5 rounds.

Record rounds + reps per 3 minute window of work.


d) Finisher – if time available in class

  • 5 sets x 5 reps – Nordic Curls (grab a partner and complete as per the video:
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