Aug 25, 2016



Between posts:

2 rounds:

  • broad jump there
  • 5 squats
  • jog back
  • 10 pass thrus
  • side shuffle there
  • 5 burpees
  • side shuffle back

Limit to 10 mins.



Chipper Style. Work through each exercise before moving onto the next:

  • 5x Hollow Hold (Level 1: 20secs on, Rest 40secs; Level 2: 30secs on, Rest 30secs; Level 3: 40secs on, 20secs rest)
  • 5x Headstand Hold (Level 1: 20 on, Rest 40; Level 2: 30 on, Rest 30; Level 3: 40 on, 20 rest)
  • 3x Max Effort Pull Ups, rest 1 min between sets (scale: 

Limit to 15 mins.


c) Strongman Conditioning Session:

2 Sets of:

Rest 1 min between sets

  • Heavy 2 handed farmer carries – 4 lengths of the gym


After 2 sets, Rest 5 mins and set up for sleds, then,

2 sets of:

  • 40m Single-Arm Reverse (walking backwards, underhand grip) Sled Drag with Left Hand (140/90)

immediately followed by…

  • 40m Single-Arm reverse Sled Drag with Right Hand

Rest 2-3 minutes


Finish by getting a partner to do some sled sprints.

  • As heavy as possible for 40m sprints.  Pick a weight where it takes approximately 10-12 secs to do the 40m.  If it takes less than 10s to do, make it heavier.

All out sprint for 4 lengths switching with your partner every 40m.



  • glutes/hammies/calves – roll out


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