July 26, 2016




  • Bear Crawl to end of gym
  • barbell overhead carry – to whiteboard and back – 2X
  • Bear crawl back
  • 10 Leg swings per leg – front/back & side/side
  • 10 empty bar strict presses
  • 10 empty bar squats



Superset 5x:

  • 3 Push press @75-80% of 1rm push press
  • 6-10 single arm bent over row (ea. arm)


c ) WOD:

Bear Complex

Establish a Max Weight.  Do the below complex without dropping the bar for 5x:

  • Power Clean
  • Front Squat
  • Push Press
  • Back Squat
  • Push Press

** notes – you must pause at every step.  For instance, you power clean, bar pauses at shoulders.  You do not do a squat clean.  You then front squat the bar and pause when you stand up.  You then push press the bar overhead.  You do not thruster the bar.  And so on….

** you cannot pause the bar on the floor to re-adjust your grip.  That is not a good rep for the Bear Complex.  It MUST be tap and go.  Adjust your grip at your hips.


  • roll out adductors, quads and lats