June 9, 2016



(10 mins max)

  • 10-1 Air Squat + Jumping Pullup (1 rep equals 1 air squat + jumping pull up))
  • 1-10 Kb Swings (light)


b) Pull up Skill Work

  • min 1: 10 Strict Ring Rows + Scapula Retraction / Reset at bottom of movement
  • min 2: 10 Beat Swings (focus on relaxed arms and engaging lats to pull back)
  • min 3: 6 Jump to negative lowers
  • min 4: 5 Strict Pullups (scale: jump to negatives)
  • min 5: Rest
  • min 6: 3 Strict Chest to Bar + 3 Kipping Chest to Bar (scale: Jumping Chest to Bar or regular Kipping pullups)
  • min 7: L-Sit Pullup (scale: one leg up in an L/Tuck or back to negative lowers)
  • min 8: Max set kipping pullup in the minute
  • min 9: Max hold at top of Pullup Bar or Ring Row
  • min 10: Rest 
c) Accumulate 3 min in front (top) ring support (scale: on bars).  Every time you break – 30 DU (no singles.  Keep working on your DU)

Time cap: 6 mins




4 Rounds of (i) and (ii):

(i) In min 1:  Run 100 meters  (run to first dumpster and back) (scale only if you are injured: 20s of airdyne)

In remaining time AMRAP:

  • max reps of HSPU (scale: if you cannot go full range of motion, do them from a box)

After 2:30, start part (ii)……. 

(ii) In min 1:  Run 100 meters

In remaining time AMRAP:

  • max reps of v-ups (scale: v-sit crunches)

After 2:30, repeat part (i) again…….

Repeat (i) and (ii) 3 more times.


  • calves – smash and stretch
  • shoulders/delts – smash and roll debts & banded front rack distraction

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