April 21, 2016



3x between posts:

  • quad pulls
  • knee pulls
  • bear crawl
  • bear crawl back
  • 20 sec handstand hold
  • 20 sec wall stretch
  • 5 leg swings per leg – front/back & side/side


b) WOD:

36 min. EMOTM

1. Muscle Up x 5 (scale options: MU transitions from toes, banded MU transitions)
2. HS walk 15 m, turn around every 5 m (scale: 4 wall walks from chest on ground)
3. 6 single arm dumbbell press per arm (use a moderately heavy dumbbell – leave 3 in the tank)
4. T2B + Kipping Pull Up x 6 (scale: hanging knee raise + jumping pullup with negative down x 6)
5. Single Leg Broad Jump (land on both) 2x each leg (scale: 2 legged broad jump)
6. 5 kipping Deficit HSPU (9″/6″) (scale options: no deficit, negative to an abmat, box hspu).   

(6 rounds)


  • pigeon stretch
  • couch stretch
  • wall stretch


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