April 20, 2016

a) WARM UP (no more than 10 mins):

  • 2 min row
  • technique work with coach on d-ball over the shoulder, tire flips, sled pulls and pushes


b) WOD:

Strongman Deck of Cards – go thru a full deck of playing cards.  Pick a card and do the number on the card with the below movement.

Time cap: 45 mins

  • Clubs – 10m hand over hand sled pull (90/45 on the green sleds)
  • Hearts – 10m sled push (140/90 on the large sleds)
  • Diamonds – D-ball over the shoulder (heavy)
  • Spades – Tire flips (heavy)
  • Joker – 400m sandbag run (heavy)



  • 10 min to work on T2B



  • t spine roll
  • glutes / hamstring roll
  • forearm roll w lacrosse ball and wrist stretch

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