April 14, 2016



3 slow rounds:

  • 5 squats
  • burpee broad jumps to first post
  • 5 scap pushups
  • inch worm back
  • 5 beat swings
  • 5 toes to bar (knee raises)
  • run to door and back
b) WOD:

Hold-a-thon Rules: Go through all exercises in order.

At each exercise hold 15s, rest 15s, hold 30s, rest 30s, hold 45s, rest 45s, move to the next exercise and start it as soon as you finish the 45s rest from the last exercise.  If you fall rest 5s, then get back up.

Exercises – 15s on, 15s rest, 30s on, 30s rest, 45s on, 45s rest, then switch exercises.  

1) Bottom of push up
2) Hollow body
3) Ring support
4) HEADstand

2 minute rest

5) parallette tuck sit (use rings or matador bars)
6) Bottom of dip support on rings or matador bars
7) False grip L hang rings
8) Top of pullup bar

2 minute rest

9) Wall handstand
10) Superman
11) floor level ring plank
12) Straddle split (aka wall splits)


  • pigeon stretch – 2 mins per leg
  • front pike hold – 2 mins
  • wall stretch – 1 min

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