February 15, 2016

HAPPY FAMILY DAY! See you from 2-5 for Open Gym

A) Warm Up

Row or Airdyne 5 min

Roam Roll Tight Areas


  • 1-2 min Front Rack mobilization
  • 1 min Plank on Forearms
  • 10 cossack squats
  • 10 lateral banded walks

Scap Activation

B) Strength

Every 90s for 15 min (10 rounds)

1 hang clean + 1 Front Squat + 1 split jerk

C) Met-con

15 min AMRAP:

5 Power Cleans (155/105)
10 Box Jumps (24/20)
15 Wallballs (20/14)


Accessory Work:

10 ring rows
10 supine hip drives (holding onto rings, with feet on box, aggressively open your hips to the rings)

Recommended Mobility:

Roll Quads
Couch Stretch
Sampson Stretch
Adductor Smash
Calf Smash

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