February 3, 2016



Between 1st and 3rd posts:

  • bear crawl
  • 5 squats
  • jog back
  • 10 dowel pass thrus
  • side shuffle there
  • 5 push ups
  • side shuffle back
  • 5 scap pull ups

Super set for 15 min. max

  • 8-10 unbroken strict pull ups (if you don’t have that amount, band as needed or do supine rows with the barbell)
  • 10 strict press (pick a weight where you can do 10 without breaking proper form)

Rest 2 min between sets

c) WOD:

18 min EMOM:

  • ODD: 10 alternating DB snatches (55/35)
  • EVEN: ½ gasser (SPRINT, not a jog. Do not pace this.  Go across the gym – 8 lengths to wall and back to the rig.)

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