January 16, 2016

A) Warm Up

Find your partner for the workout and your coach will lead you through, “Meet in the Middle.”


45 sec sampson stretch
45 sec kneeling hamstring stretch
30 sec plank

B) Partner Workout

100 thrusters (95/65/45) – switch every 5 reps
60 lunges in unison (30 per leg per person)
100 ball slams (30/20/14) – switch every 5 reps
60 sec HS hold in unison – if one person breaks you both come off
100 burpees – alternating see saw style

Accessory Work – this is optional after class work:

Accumulate 50 tuck ups

Recommended Mobility – no time associated, spend as much time as needed:

Quad Roll
Pigeon Stretch
Banded Lat Distraction
Door Stretch and/or Pec Smash
Bottom of Foot Smash