November 12, 2015

A) Warm Up


10 alternating walking lunges with a twist
10 squats
30 sec hollow hold
30 sec Goblet squat hold
THEN: 1:30 per side banded ankle mobility

B) Technique/Strength – Building Pistol Strength

3 x 5-10 (per leg) pistol step ups. Rest 90 seconds between sets.

This is different than a regular step up. Set yourself up with beside the box (not facing it). Heel is positioned close to the glute, high on a box (ideally close to the same position you would be in for the bottom of a pistol).

If you don’t currently have pistols, the other foot is on the floor, use a little hop to start the movement. Progress the movement by using less of the foot to help or by bringing the foot higher off the floor closer to a pistol position.

If you have pistols, this is time to work on refining the movement. Work on not holding you foot or on keeping you chest upright, etc. Choose one and work on the best movement your body will allow you.

**Between your sets – prepare your wrists for handstands by doing the first three wrist mobilizations in this video.

C) Met-con/Strength

4 RFT:
25 cal row
20 handstand plate step ups on a plate – use the flat plates if possible (10 per side)
40 DU

D) Ring Swings (small) 5 x 4 – focus on keeping your body in bow and flex positions, legs together.