September 10, 2015

A) Warm Up:

Inchworm length of gym
High kicks back


10 beat swings

10 perfect squats

10 scap pull ups

10 scap push ups

20 second hollow hold

B) Strength
E2MOM for 5 sets:
Option 1 – 3 modified Ring Pull-ups into a Muscle-up + 6 sec support hold on the rings. Use False Grip.
Option 2 – 3 hollow swings (with blocked movement – towel between feet) + Kipping Muscle Up + 6 sec support hold on the rings. The key here is working on efficient swing without getting into a broken position. The idea here is to move better. More reps are not better…better reps are better.
C) Technique – 10 min max.
Option 1 –

If you haven’t mastered double unders yet, this is practice time. Again, the point here is to move better. Better reps are better!

Option 2 –

If you are proficient at DUs, either take on this months coach’s challenge. Or 3 attempts at max unbroken sets. 

D) Conditioning

Goblet Squat (55/35#)