August 13, 2015

A) Warm Up:

10 pass throughs
10 beat swings – focus on no hip hinge and keeping your feet together
10 second extended hollow hold:
20 second arch hold

B) Strength

Every 90s for 15 min (5 sets):

Minute 1 – 3 Strict Chin over Bar to Chest to bar (use a band as much as you need to. The focus here is the pull behind with the elbows and developing strength in that position.) Scale Option: 3 bar chest to bar with 2 sec hold with the chest touching the bar.

Minute 2 – 5 Strict Dips (get as low as you can, not just shoulder past elbow)

C) 4 rounds for quality:

15 hollow rocks
10 supermans
1 wall side shuffle (handstand with stomach facing the wall, hollow body position, walk the wall between the poles)

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