August 6, 2015

A) Warm Up:

Death by Wall Balls – min 1 complete 1 wall ball. Min 2 complete 2 wall balls. Etc. Normally this would continue until you can not complete the work. Time cap today: 15 min

B) Strength

4 x 3 Strict Chin over Bar to Chest to bar (use a band as much as you need to. The focus here is the pull behind with the elbows and developing strength in that position.)

Scale Option: 4 x 3 bar chest to bar with 2 sec hold with the chest touching the bar.

Rest 90 seconds between sets. 

C) Technique:

Max Time in Headstand in 2:00 (goal is to do this while maintaining a hollow body and NOT resting on the wall)

Rest 1 min

Max Time in Handstand in 2:00


8 Minute AMRAP:

8 Chest to Bar Pull Ups

8 Alternating Pistols with Roll

8 Tuck Ups

E) Spend some time giving your body some well deserved mobility

Olympic Lifting Class

A) Warm up 

Row for 2 mins

dowel pull thrus x 20

 couch stretch 1 min per side

squat hold 1 min

B) Technique/Strength

Clean warm up – 3 triples at 50%,60%,70% then 2 doubles at 60%,70%                 

Clean + Jerk work – work up to a heavy weight 1 + 2

Snatch balance 3,3,3 @ 65%,75%,85% 

Snatch technique work – high hang, hang, squat snatch

C) Accessory

Good mornings 6-10 x 4 (with bar)

2 rounds NFT:

  Planks – front (1 min), side (45s)

  Russian Twists – 20 with wb