August 3, 2015

A)Warm up:
400 m Run1 minute accumulated in a squat hold

1 minute/side Couch stretch

1 minute/side banded distraction for overhead position on rig

20 KB Hip Thrusts (not a full KB swing, just use an explosive hip drive and return)

Scap Activation
B) Every 2 minutes on the minute for 12 minutes: (Base your % off your lowest 1RM)

Power Clean + Clean + Front Squat

Minute 1: 75%

Minute 2: 80%

Minute 3: 85%

Minute 4: 90%

Minute 5/6: 90+%
C) 5 minute EMOM:

3 position Clean Grip Deadlift x 1

D) “Murph”

For time:

1 mile run

100 Pull ups

200 Push ups

300 Squats

1 mile run

(Rx’d will be as completed at the games, cannot break up the sets and must wear a 20-lb/14-lb weighted vest)

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