June 27, 2015

A) Warm Up 

Row or Airdyne 2 min

1 min Lat banded distraction per side

1 min pec smash per side

1 min couch stretch per side

1 min Roll out Thoracic

Iron Scap Program
In light of the recent tragic death of Cst. Woodall on June 8th in Edmonton we will be holding a fundraiser at CrossFit Sherwood Park in partnership with CrossFit Lineage to show our support for his family and the EPS. We are asking people to bring a donation of choice to participate and wear something blue. 

The workout we will be doing will honour Cst. Woodall’s life. His reg. number was #2829 so to honour his service to the people of Edmonton we will be doing:


20 minute AMRAP:

2 -200m run

8- Burpees

2- 200m run

9- Situps

Funds that are raised at the gym will be taken to any Royal Bank for the trust fund. 

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