May 16, 2015

A) Warm Up

Row or Airdyne 2 min

1 min Lat banded distraction per side

1 min pec smash per side

1 min couch per side

20 pass thrus


B) WOD – Time Cap: 45 min

400 m med ball run (20/14) both partners run at the same time with one med ball, pass it as necessary

40 T2B each while partner holds a plate overhead (45/25)

30 Box jumps while partner hangs from the pull up bar

40 wall balls each while partner holds push up position

30 pull ups while the partner holds the bottom of a squat

40 unison burpees

400m med ball run (20/14), pass med ball as necessary

Unless stated, all reps must be completed by partner 1 before partner 2 can do their reps.