February 27, 2015

A) 2 minute row 

1 minute roll out upper thoracic 

1 minute roll out IT Bands/side 

1 minute wall Stretch 

1 minute Pike Stretch

1 minute Runners stretch (lunge position)/side

Scap activation

*If completing the workout today, also do Burgener Warm up and an extra 3 minute row/Air Dyne. Go through all movement standards with your coach.

B) E2MOM for 18 minutes:

7 Toes to Bar/Knee raises

5 Deadlift 115/75 (85/55 for scaled)

3 Snatch 115/75 (85/55 for scaled)

With a continuous running clock…

C) 6 minutes to reach 75% of your 1RM Clean and Jerk.

D) 2 minute Row/Air Dyne warm down

10 minutes mobility for workout 15.1.

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