February 3, 2015

A) 2 minute Row/Air Dyne
1 minute of pigeon Stretch/side
1 minute Roll out quads/side
1 minute Banded Tricep Stretch/side
1 minute Posterioir Shoulder smash with lacrosse ball
Scap Activation
5 minutes technique work (coach led)

B) E2MOM for 12 minutes
TNG Power Clean @ 80% plus 5-10 lbs
Minute 1: 3 reps
Minute 2: 5 reps
Minute 3: 7 reps
Minute 4: 7 reps
Minute 5: 5 reps
Minute 6: 3 reps

C) Push Press 7, 5, 3 (Increase weight each set)
Then using your final strict Press weight to start…
Push Jerk 5, 3, 1

-Take the day off today from a met con. It is programmed this way for a reason. Get re-energized for Wednesday.

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