January 15, 2014

A) One length each:

High Knees

Butt Kicks

Bear Crawl

High Kicks

1/2 length Spider-Man crawl

1/2 length Duck Walk

Burgener/Thacker warm up


B) 5 sets:

Behind the neck Jerk x 4 @ 80%

Rest 2 minutes between.


C) 4 rounds With a Partner:

1 Partner: Row 500 m for time

2 Partner: Max Shoulder to Overhead Anyway @ 185#/115#

-Switch Immediately after finishing 500 m. No reps after the rowing is completed counts.

*** Individual scoring: Lowest 4th round rowing time and highest 4th round S2OH is your score.


D) Mobility for 10 minutes on any aches and/or nagging pains.